Saturday, June 24, 2017

Evaluate campaign performance

How to use reports and metrics to address your campaign objectives

Drive performance with reports
1.The Search terms report lists the searches and terms that triggered your ad and drove traffic to your website. If a term is getting you in front of customers, add it to your keyword list.

2.The Where your users were (user locations) report shows only your customers' physical locations (regardless of any locations they may have shown interest in). If customers in a certain region are gravitating to you, update your campaign to directly target them. 
3.The What triggered your ad (geographic) report shows your customers' physical locations and locations they had shown interest in through searches or content they had viewed. If customers interested in certain locations are finding you, update your campaign to directly offer something they’re looking for. 
4.The Landing page experience report estimates the quality of your landing page -- which is part of your AdWords quality score and strengthens or weakens your ad position. If you have a weak landing page, a link is provided with tips to make it better. 
5. The paid and organic report shows how people got to you — comparing Google’s free organic search results to your paid AdWords ads. Learn the ways customers are looking for products and services like yours and update your own keyword list or create new ad groups to directly target them. 
6. Once you've set up conversion tracking, attribution reports show you the paths customers took to complete a conversion, and attribute the conversion to different ads, clicks, and factors along the way.
Return on investment (ROI) tells you how effective your ad spend is by showing you how much return it’s bringing you. ROI is calculated with this formula: (Revenue-Cost)/Cost.

Example: If your ad resulted in $1200 of sales for a product that cost $600 to make, and your advertising cost was $200, then your ROI is [$1200 - ($600 + $200)] / ($600 + $200) = 50% ROI.

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