Saturday, June 24, 2017

Align your budget with your goals

1.How to determine the right daily spend for your ad campaign
2. How to align and revise your budget to support your campaign objectives

1. Based on your monthly budget
If you're used to working with a monthly advertising budget, you can calculate the amount you might budget per day by dividing your monthly budget by 30.4 – the average number of days per month.
2. Based on your average cost-per-click
For example, let's say your cost-per-click is $0.10 on average, and you'd like around 500 clicks per day. You might budget $50 per day.
3. Based on impact factors
* Recent campaign performance
Current campaign budget
Keyword list
Campaign targeting settings

AdWords won't display a recommended daily budget if you rarely meet your daily budget, or if your campaign has limited data. 
4. Based on delivery method

When your average daily budget is reached, your ads will typically stop showing for that day. You'll want to consider your campaign's ad delivery method, which determines how quickly your ads are shown and how long your budget lasts during a given day, when setting your daily budget.

The "Standard" delivery method is like a slow-burning candle – it spreads your budget throughout the day.

The "Accelerated" delivery method is more like jet fuel – it uses your budget more quickly. 

Budget strategy for your goals: break down into three phases
1.Build awareness
Building awareness will require a larger budget due to the longer path to conversion and the scale at which you try to reach people. 
2.Influence consideration
Influencing consideration is mid funnel and can be accomplished with a small, medium, and large ad budget. With a medium length path to conversion, a medium to large budget is preferred so you can reach a wider group of people and begin moving them to action. 
3.Driving action
Driving action or sales is at the bottom of the marketing funnel where you typically have a small group of your target audience. You can meet all of your action goals with a small, medium, or large daily budget. 

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