Saturday, June 24, 2017

Adjust bids to favor performers


Bid higher for impressions that are likely to be more valuable, bid lower for impressions that are not.

Bid adjustment type:

1.Mobile: Use mobile bid adjustments to show your ad more or less frequently for searches that occur on mobile devices. 
2.Location: Use location bid adjustments to show your ad more or less frequently to customers in certain countries, cities, or other geographic areas.
3.Time of day: Use ad scheduling bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids on certain days or during certain hours.
4. Top Content: Use bid adjustments for popular content to increase your ad’s chance of showing on top content on YouTube and the Display Network. When your ad is eligible to appear on this content, AdWords will use your bid adjustment to raise your bid.
5. Targeting methods: Use bid adjustments for topics, placements, and other targeting methods in campaign types that show ads on the Display Network.
6. Remarketing lists for search ads: Use bid adjustments for remarketing lists in your ad groups if you’d like to show ads more or less frequently to people on these lists.

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