Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Several OpenStack projects leverage containers to gain benefits

1. Nove
A Docker hypervisor driver for Nova Compute to treat containers and images as the same type of resources as virtual machines.
2. Heat
A plugin template for orchestrating Docker resources on top of OpenStack resources. Allows access to full Docker API.
3. Kolla
Containerizes the OpenStack control services themselves as microservices to simplify the oprational experience.
Provides an application catalog of containerized applicatoins that can be deployed to an OpenStack cloud.
Provides an API to manage multi-tenant Containers-as-a-Service leveraging Hear, Nova, and Neutron.

OpenStack is above all an integration engine, bringing various technologies together through common APIs. Therefore, containers have naturally been plugged into serveral existing projects and will find their way into other areas as well.

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